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CEA releases DTV closed caption testing tool

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has released Digital Television Closed Captioning (DTVCC) test materials on DVD for set manufacturers.

The DVD is designed to let digital television manufacturers test how closed captioning will appear on their sets. It also contains a variety of signals that a DTV set may encounter.

The DVD contains five bitstreams that provide an initial indication of a DTV receiving device's basic ability to decode captions from the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) digital television transport stream. The bitstreams are designed to test several closed captioning features and functions, such as various character sets, multiple fonts within a window, language options, as well as many closed captioning window commands.

The DVD is intended to be a reference tool. Users are encouraged to conduct an independent analysis of both FCC closed captioning requirements and appropriate sections of CEA-708-B and ATSC A/53B.

For more information on the DVD, visit and search for document number “CEA DTVCC.”

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