CEA, NAB partner for online antenna mapping program

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) have partnered to produce AntennaWeb.org, an online antenna mapping program designed to help consumers and electronics retailers determine the proper outdoor antenna to use in order to receive free local broadcast channels.

NAB president and CEO David Rehr said with the proper antenna, consumers could receive free, over-the-air digital broadcasts with higher picture and sound quality and access multiple channels of free programming. Viewers can also access interactive video and data services that can’t be received with traditional analog technology, including enhanced closed captioning.

AntennaWeb.org is an online interactive database that advises consumers on the usage of an outdoor antenna to receive over-the-air television signals. AntennaWeb users simply input their home address to determine what over-the-air broadcast signals are available and which outdoor antenna to use.

The program’s database accounts for obstructions such as hills, trees and buildings between the transmitter and the receiving antenna that can interfere with a broadcast signal and affect picture quality. The CEA/NAB partnership includes infrastructure and site capacity upgrades, site design improvements and database upgrades that will further improve the user experience.