CEA Latest Numbers: A Bright DTV Future

washington, dc÷Although consumers are still more taken by DVD than DTV, some recently released figures from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) give proponents of digital television much more than a ray of hope. The association found that digital television set sales from manufacturers to dealers gained great momentum in 2001. The CEA also released sale numbers in the video, audio, gaming, mobile, and home entertainment segments. Overall, it found that sales of consumer electronics goods from manufacturers to dealers will surpass $95.7 billion in 2002. Although in the video category, standalone DVD players saw the highest growth, with sales totalling 13 million in 2001, digital television sales have gained tremendous ground, with shipments of sets and displays reaching 1.4 million units in 2001. According to the CEA, in dollar terms, digital television is the most successful product in consumer electronics history. By the end of 2002, cumulative sales of digital television products are expected to exceed $8 billion. In addition, unit sales of direct broadcast satellite receivers grew by 72 percent in 2001. ãJust several months ago, we were unsure what the fourth quarter would hold; however, I am thrilled to report that sales of consumer electronics remain vibrant,ä said CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro. ãIn an environment of consumer concern about safety and the economy, our products are providing the communications and entertainment solutions that the public demands. Moving forward, 2002 will be our best year ever. Despite all the hoopla over DTV growth, when it comes to digital products in general, digital cameras and mobile phones still seem to be the most popular. Sales of mobile electronics are projected to reach $16.5 billion in 2002, a four percent increase over 2001. Wireless phones accounted for the lionâs share of the category, with dollar sales of $8.8 billion forecast for 2002, up nearly $200 million from 2001. Unit sales of digital cameras are expected to top $7 million in 2002, an increase of 30 percent over 2001. Editorâs note: All numbers mentioned represent manufacturer to dealer sales.