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CEA filing on video delivery competition reveals HD growth

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) shed some light Sept. 19 on its expectation for the growth of HDTV and the transition from analog to digital television service in comments filed with the FCC regarding the state of competition in the video delivery market.

Some of the statistics from the CEA cited in the comments include:

  • 32.7 million or 11.5 percent of the 285 million television sets in service in the United States are used to view over-the-air television programming;
  • The first six months of 2005 had the greatest volume of digital television sales ever recorded — 3.8 million DTV products accounted for $4.6 billion in retailer investment;
  • 85 percent of DTV sets sold in 2004 were capable of displaying a picture in HDTV resolution.

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