CEA, Cable to Launch HD Awareness Campaign

The Consumer Electronics Association is joining with the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing and the National Cable Television Association to help educate consumers about the digital transition, the benefits of HDTV, and the eventual analog cutoff in February 2009.

CEA spokesman, Jeff Joseph, confirmed that the associations have already held a couple of initial meetings on the project. He added that the groups are putting together a "cross-industry team" composed of members of CEA, CTAM and NCTA to begin developing a specific program to inform consumers about what's in store for them in the years ahead.

The awareness project, mentioned by CEA President Gary Shapiro at a CTAM Summit panel session in Boston that included HDNet owner Mark Cuban, is apparently being kept low-key. (The three associations have not issued any statements or press releases by our deadline.) Consequently, no specifics such as a schedule of activities or how the awareness campaign will be financed have been announced yet.