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CEA and Starz Will Unveil Consumer HDTV Brochure at CES

The Consumer Electronics Association and Starz Entertainment Group--owner of pay movie channels Starz and Encore--are collaborating to produce a brochure on HDTV for consumers. The brochure--an effort to educate consumers on how to maximize the HDTV experience--will be available at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in January. It will describe the steps that consumers must take to receive HDTV signals from cable and satellite program distributors.

Amid the proliferation of HDTV equipment, displays, and programming, both program distributors and consumer electronics manufacturers are aware that consumer confusion is an impediment to higher sales. This is another effort on the part of HDTV-related industries to clear up the confusion.

Copies of the brochure will be distributed to manufacturers exhibiting at CES, and made available to attendees in literature bins and by other distribution methods on the show floor. Beginning Jan. 5, the brochure will be available for download on both the CEA and Starz Entertainment Group (opens in new tab) Web sites.