CBS Uses Sony Gear to Cover Super Bowl in HD

CBS is using 24 Sony HD cameras and related production equipment to cover Super Bowl XLI in high-def.

The Tiffany network is contracting with NEP Supershooters to use NEP's mobile production unit to capture all the action. Sony gear includes 18 HDC-1500 multi-format cameras and six HDC3300 super motion camera systems, which can achieve 3x speed slow motion effects in full HD resolution. NEP will also supply a range of Sony high-definition VTRs, displays and supporting production equipment, including the Sony MVS-8000A switcher.

"This is our second time for CBS using the Sony MVS switcher for this game," said George Hoover, senior vice president of engineering for NEP Supershooters in Pittsburgh. "This season we upgraded to the MVS-8000A platform which gave us the power to integrate the level of graphics that NFL fans have grown accustomed to while still producing a clean feed for other broadcasters. In addition to the switcher's unique architecture and signal management capabilities, the Sony cameras allow us to cover the game and do incredible three times slow-motion analysis and effects."

The Sony technology will be used to support the main game broadcast, pre and post-game show and tape release.