CBS Morning Show Boasts New HD Set, Not Yet HD

Whenever CBS News in New York does decide to go HD for its morning new show, at least it will be ready with a new HD-worthy set that was unveiled this month to early risers. Besides the cosmetic changes, the morning program underwent some co-anchor turnover this month, as it tries to lure younger viewers to bolster its ratings, which have lagged behind morning frontrunner “Today” at NBC News, and runner-up “Good Morning America” at ABC News. Both top-rated programs have already transitioned to HD.

The new CBS set for “The Early Show” was assembled over the holidays by Production Design Group, in New York. The more open look of the set was made possible by joining two smaller studios into one larger area that now comprises more than 5,000 square feet. Plasma and LCD displays are situated throughout the set, as well as extensive, higher-placed multicolored mood lighting.

HD equipment already installed includes Sony cameras (F900 series) and a Sony HD switcher. The control room remains the same.

CBS has not yet announced when it plans to jump to 1080i production for its morning show (or for Katie Couric’s evening cast), but the changeover is expected here in 2008.