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CBS Mobile partners with mobile ad specialists

CBS Mobile has formed partnerships with AdMob, Millennial Media, Rhythm NewMedia and Third Screen Media to build a full-service approach to mobile advertising for its news, sports and entertainment programming.

The four companies offer varying areas of expertise in mobile advertising. AdMob is a mobile advertising marketplace that serves more than 1 billion ads per month worldwide and more than 350 million a month in the United States. Initially, CBS will use AdMob's mobile ads on three of its fast-growing mobile Web sites:, and

Millennial Media operates mobile ad networks designed specifically to best meet the diverse needs of agencies, brands and direct marketers. It will provide CBS with both text and banner ads and will sell CBS inventory on mobile Web sites.

Rhythm NewMedia's ad-serving technology enables mobile video commercials to be dynamically attached to mobile video content and then distributed to targeted audience profiles. CBS will work with the company to offer the service in the United States.

Recently acquired by AOL, Third Screen Media offers a Web-based mobile ad management and delivery platform that connects advertisers, publishers and mobile carriers. The company will sell advertising for CBS mobile Web sites.