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CBS Launches Mobile Hurricane News Center

Figuring that people want up-to-the-minute geographically targeted news about weather emergencies, CBS has launched the “CBS Mobile News Hurricane Center,” a made-for-mobile platform bringing severe weather updates to mobile devices.

The system allows users to access detailed statistics such as hurricane positions, projected storm paths and the latest category rating for storms in their area. It’s on the CBS News Mobile Web site at

“The CBS Mobile News Hurricane Center ensures potentially life-saving information is easily accessible—anytime, anywhere,” said Jeff Sellinger, executive vice president of CBS Mobile. “For years, we have been committed to creating made-for-mobile entertainment and news content, so it made perfect sense to add weather-related information as well. We are proud of this offering and hope that our users find it useful, particularly if they find themselves or their loved ones in harm’s way.”

CBS Mobile is working with (for near-real-time info) and Quattro Wireless (to help geographically target the info for viewers.)