CBC/Radio-Canada standardizes on Inscriber’s Inca Studio graphics solution

CBC/Radio-Canada agreed last month to standardize its broadcast graphics presentations on Inca Studio character generators made by Inscriber. CBC/Radio-Canada is the major carrier of audio and video broadcast programming in Canada, delivering programs in English, French and eight aboriginal languages to suit the needs of the country’s diverse populations. (And, as covered in previous issues of "Digital Signage Update," CBC has become a significant provider of digital signage content as well.) Consequently, CBC has a wide variety of graphical needs.

The CBC/Radio-Canada implementation will begin by installing more than 50 Inca systems that will inevitably be used in live CG operations in studios and trucks and under the control of news automation systems. Other Inca systems will replace CBC/Radio-Canada’s older CG’s and branding insertion equipment.

Based on Inscriber’s Inca architecture, Inca Studio enables multiple layers of independently controlled graphics, clocks, logos, real-time element transitions, real-time dissolves and page formatted rolls and crawl. Inca Studio will support CBC/Radio-Canada broadcasters’ automated workflow environment, a capability that has become critical to the industry.

For more info www.inscriber.com.

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