Carolina Panthers Score Vision 3 Production Switcher

The Carolina Panthers have purchased a Ross Video Vision 3 multidefinition production switcher. The NFL team said it chose the recently launched Vision after seeing it in action at NAB2007 and will use it for stadium game day applications.

"We're looking down the road to HD and know the new switcher will play an important role in our productions," said Kyle Ritchie, Director of Entertainment & PantherVision, Carolina Panthers. "Ross gave an excellent demo at NAB and we really like the features of the new Vision panel."

The Vision control panel incorporates a number of new concepts including built-in manuals, Linux based OS, and integration with the OverDrive control system, as well as a new DualDisplay color touch screen allowing the operator to view and control two menus simultaneously. All models of the highly modular Vision share a common platform and common set of modules.

Vision 3 is part of the Vision Series, Ross' next-gen multidefinition production switcher for SD/HD. The five new models, ranging from 1 to 4 M/Es, include the Vision 1 MD, Vision 2 MD, Vision 2 MD-X, Vision 3 MD-X and Vision 4 MD-X.