Canon HD-EC zoom lenses capture action for ‘Wrapshear’ spot

“Wrapshear,” a 30-second spot from agency mcgarrybowen and directors Mark Kudsi and Grady Hall of Motion Theory for a leading brand of athletic shoe, was honored recently with a 2006 Clio Award, the advertising industry’s most prestigious honor.

An imaginative melding of gritty, urban Los Angeles landscapes and highly sophisticated visual effects, “Wrapshear” won Motion Theory a silver trophy in the Animation category, with a big assist from the imagery of Canon High Definition Electronic Cinematography (HD-EC) variable focal length (zoom) lenses.

The footage for the commercial was shot by high-concept DP Richard Henkels, who relied on the performance of his Canon HJ21x7.5B KLL-SC and HJ11x4.7B KLL-SC HD-EC lenses for flare-free shots in run-and-gun situations where there was no control over lighting.

“Wrapshear” is a visually entrancing spot where an inspiringly detailed close-up of the high-tech athletic shoe quickly takes a fantastic turn. A gritty, animated cityscape grows suddenly out of the shoe, becoming a 3-D graphic environment that unfolds quickly around the live-action runner who is moving nimbly through it.

Henkels put his Canon HD-EC lenses, affixed to Sony 950 cameras shooting in 24p, to the test during the three-day project, which entailed both green-screen work and hectic location shoots.

The high-quality imagery of Canon’s HD-EC lenses is the result of a combination of the high contrast and sharpness, which holds up from image center to the corners, and was essential in helping Henkels and Motion Theory achieve their vision.

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