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Canon HD 'Film' Lens Tapped By Indie Filmmaker

Independent filmmaker Melissa Balin chose the Canon HJ11x4.7B KLL-SC HD-Electronic Cinematography lens for her directorial debut for the feature film "Freezerburn." Now in post-production, the movie is believed to be the first motion picture to use a Grass Valley Viper camera in FilmStream mode for selected shots, and the Sony CineAlta for the remainder of the scenes.

Balin said she used the Canon lens to actually set the tone of the film. For example, she said in published reports, it was an important theme of the film to shoot wide. With a large cast, there were a lot of sweeping scenes with many cast members and extras. The crew used the full range of the lens, from the low end of 4.7mm--up to 52mm on days when the production didn't have enough extras. Balin said the lens' deep-focus capabilities were instrumental to communicating the film's story.

Crew members said the Canon HD-EC lenses they used had a traditional film-style feel and operation about them. Zoom, focus, and iris indications were engraved with dual, large luminous scales. Gear rings were compatible with studio-focus rings, manual fluid-zoom drives and motorized control systems. All distance markings were measured in feet.

"Freezerburn" is a dark comedy featuring Robert Hays, Dick Van Patten, Hal Linden, David Faustino, Rachel Hunter and Drena DeNiro. The movie centers on the twentieth anniversary reunion of a fictional TV show whose star had died under mysterious circumstances. No release date yet.