Canal 4 in Spain gets automated with vsn

The Group Canal 4 Castilla y LeÛn has installed vsn's MXF and Sony's XDCAM compatible automation systems in several local TV stations within the group. The first station in the group to begin installation is in Toledo, OH. Once complete, work will begin in Guadalajara and Albacete.

The system in Toledo is one of the most advanced provided by vsn's subsidiary, JustEdit. It includes the news system vsnnews, which is fully compatible with MXF to accommodate four journalists and has been integrated with Edius Pro3 NLE software from Canopus.

In addition to the automatic ingest of line feeds and content coming from XDCAM camcorders in the field, systems integrator Emco will also install all of the master control rooms with vsnmatic software, plus a legal copy system called vsnlegalrec with the capacity to record three months of content 24-hours a day.

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