Canadian Public Station Taps DNF Controls for Slow Motion Control

Télé-Québec, a public broadcaster in Quebec, has acquired a DNF Controls ST-304-Edit-T slow-motion controller. The controller is being used for two-machine cuts editing, four-VTR assemble editing, and slow-motion control in a studio system consisting of four VTRs, according to a release from DNF Controls in Sylmar, Calif.

The controller has the added ability to save 100 cue points per playback channel and retain those cues even when the power is turned off, DNF said. The T-bar allows for fast and easy slo-mo control and slo-mo instant replay, with a speed range of up to 200 percent.

Based on the ST300 slow-motion controller, the ST-304-Edit-T features a four-line, backlit display and a setup menu for personalized control options.