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Canada: HD DVD Beats Out Blu-ray in Readers' Poll

In a recent unscientific poll by the commercial Web site Digital Home Canada, slightly more than 550 readers who said they are interested in purchasing an HD player in the next year picked the HD DVD format over Blu-ray by about a 3 to 2 margin. No one seems to know why. But one of the biggest numbers pertained to those who said they planned to buy "neither" type of DVD player.

The informative Web site posts industry news and information and hosts reader forums for both HD DVD and Blu-ray proponents. Although readers to such targeted sites likely know more about new technology than the typical consumer, no price points or other specific data about DVD players apparently were given to poll respondents. The question put to anyone who wished to respond was, "Which format of high definition DVD player will you buy in the next year?"

Of the 554 respondents:

* 309 (over 55%) said they would buy a next-gen DVD player in the next year.

* 245 (over 44%) said they would purchase "neither" type.

Amongst potential buyers:

* 185 (nearly 60%) voted for HD DVD.

* 124 (over 41%) preferred Blu-ray.