Canada: For Many HD Viewers, HD not in the Picture

According to a survey by Decima Research, nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of Canadian households with HD sets do not have the required set-top boxes to watch and listen to HD, which online tech site describes as "a bit like wearing sunglasses on a tour of the Louvre."

Part of this huge disparity is blamed on lingering misunderstanding about what is required for HD viewing, along with some hesitation on the part of some viewers who may know better, but are waiting for more HD content to emerge. These same consumers may have discovered that hefty loads of SD content that remain on the air do not look particularly well on some HD monitors, the Web site says.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that some SD content apparently is being "upconverted" HD, which is not HD at all, the Web site notes. And some confusion seems to stem from viewers not realizing the inherent differences between a local broadcaster putting out a free over-the-air signal via antenna (a signal that is also available via cable and satellite dish), and a cable or satellite channel that is only available with a set-top box.