Canada: CTV Upgrades Studio, ENG With Fujinon Lenses

The Canadian Television Network (CTV), a private broadcaster, is growing its reliance on Fujinon studio and ENG lenses for its gradual HD buildout. CTV provides 30 channels that serve Canada’s five time zones, although the latest upgrade with Fujinon is the first to directly affect CTV’s Toronto facilities.

That broadcast center is now is equipped with about 50 Fujinon HD lenses—including several designed for mobile and compact ENG coverage. For studio usage, the new lenses have been mounted on Sony cameras (model HDC 1400), and Fujinon’s ENG lenses (model ZA17x7.6 Berm) were fitted with Sony camcorders (model XD-Cam PDW 700).

The lenses are mostly used for national/local news coverage, sports, and some Discovery Channel content.