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BT Broadcast Services provides in-truck video for NASCAR.COM

NASCAR.COM, the official site of NASCAR, has teamed up with BT Broadcast Services (BTBS) to bring live in-truck video and audio from the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series races.

NASCAR.COM will offer fans live ride-along video features on the Web site, where fans can tune into team communications and follow the selected races live from inside the cab of up to four participating drivers.

BTBS is responsible for the signal acquisition of the footage from the four selected trucks on the race-course, which is multiplexed onsite and delivered to BT's Washington, D.C. facilities via satellite on PanAmSat. The video and audio footage is encoded using a BT Mediastream and streamed at 300Kb/s in Real Player and handed off to AOL for distribution over the Internet.

The live ride-along video feature will be available for 12 of the 26 NASCAR Craftsman Truck races, including the Easycare Vehicle Service Contracts 200, the Kroger 250, the Tailgate 200, the MBNA America 200, the O'Reilly 200 presented by Valvoline Maxlife, the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series 200, the New Hampshire 200, the Kroger 200, the Chevy Silverado 150, the Darlington 200 and the Ford 200.

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