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Willtek Spectrum Analyzer Adds EMF Measurement for RF Exposure Analysis

Willtek Communications has introduced a new handheld system for electromagnetic field strength (EMF) measurements. The system consists of a Model 9102 handheld spectrum analyzer and the 9131 EMF Measurement Option. Combined with one of the antennas offered for use with the system, Willtek says wireless network and broadcast station operators "can immediately measure the field strength of a new base station or radio tower." Measurements can be indicated as volts per meter and watts per square meter over a 100 kHz to 4 GHz frequency range. Directional antennas can be used to identify and locate interference. With the 9130 VSWR/DTF measurement option, the 9102 can be used to do reflection measurements at antenna systems.

For more information, see the press release Willtek lays field strength measurements in your hands. Willtek will present an online seminar showing typical applications and the operation of the 9102 and 9131 system. The free Web-based training session is scheduled for Dec. 1. Register at