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DirecTV Enterprises, LLC filed an application for authority to launch and operate the Ka-band payload of DirecTV 9S at a nominal 101 degree west longitude (WL) orbital location. A grant of the application will combine the Ka-band payload with a DBS payload on a single high-power hybrid satellite. DirecTV plans to use the Ka-band satellite system to provide additional capacity for back-hauling the signals of local broadcast stations for local-into-local services in additional markets. The FCC said DirecTV has begun construction of the satellite at its own risk, pending approval of the application, so that it can complete construction and launch the hybrid satellite in the spring of 2006. Mobile satellite service (MSS) operator Mobile Satellite Ventures Subsidiary LLC filed an application to modify its authorization for an L-band Ancillary Terrestrial Component (ATC) to allow FDD and TDD packet-switched data protocols using OFDM and multiple access (OFDMA) packet data protocols such as WiMAX. ICO Satellite Services GP filed an application to modify its authorization for MSS in the 2 GHz band, seeking authorization to add a second geostationary satellite at 115 degrees WL and to use C-band frequencies for limited or emergency telemetry, tracking and command operations at that location.

See FCC Report SAT-00333 for more information on these applications. The FCC Report includes IBFS file numbers that can be used to view the complete applications and attachments on the International Bureau Filing System Web site.

The FCC gave PanAmSat temporary authority to operate tracking, telemetry and control services on Galaxy 15 from 133.25 degrees WL, starting Dec. 5, 2005. At the same 133.25 degree WL location, the FCC granted a request from Lockheed Martin Corporation for special temporary authority (STA) to perform testing of its LM-RPS1 payload from Dec. 6, 2005 through Jan. 5, 2006. For additional information on these actions and dismissal of some applications for failure to file an orbital debris mitigation disclosure statement, see FCC Report SAT-00332.