Broadcom Unveils Single-chip 65 Nanometer 1080p

Broadcom Corp. is rolling out what it says is the industry's first HD silicon chip that supports 1080p display. Designed in 65 nanometer (0.065 of a micron) process geometry, the so-called "television-on-a-chip" is designed to enable an array of manufacturers to build displays with 1080p capabilities in a more cost-efficient manner.

Building on its first-generation HD system-on-a-chip (SoC) products, Broadcom said it has developed the new single-chip HD scheme to surpass current chip technology on the technical level, and to allow the manufacture of more affordable HD products for consumers on the CE level.

The 1080p format (1920x1080) is being deployed in a widening series of HD monitors, next-gen DVD players, and game consoles, although, to date, no one is thought to be broadcasting or feeding content in 1080p. Broadcom's implementation of 65 nanometer technology, among other things, permits the integration of more features and reduces overall power consumption during manufacturing, the firm said, resulting in lower production costs.