Broadcom offers advanced DTV chip set

Broadcom, a provider of integrated semiconductor circuitry for broadband communications, has announced a single-chip digital TV (DTV) receiver that establishes a new standard of performance for digital TV reception in both cable and OTA applications.

The BCM3520 implements a system architecture that enables the receiver to reliably acquire, track and demodulate signals in the presence of interference and a wide range of varying multipath channel conditions with the presence of noise. Based on independent testing by Communications Research Centre (CRC) in Canada, the BCM3520 exceeds current levels of VSB performance for reliable signal reception, the company claimed.

The BCM3520 is compatible with both the ATSC and QUAM standards. The receiver chip is capable of receiving all standard definition and high-definition digital formats (SDTV/HDTV) and provides cable plug-and-play capability. The plug-and-play feature allows for the development of digital cable-ready televisions that can plug directly into a cable system and receive analog and most digital cable services, without an external set-top box.

The BCM3520 is now available in sample quantities. For more information, visit:

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