Broadcasters Foundation of America, Tennessee Association of Broadcasters provide aid to broadcasters affected by floods

The Broadcasters Foundation of America and the Tennessee Association of Broadcasters (TAB) have teamed up to deliver emergency aid to local broadcasters and their families who have been affected by the recent flooding in the area.

The Broadcasters Foundation has supplied urgent assistance in similar situations, including distributing $250,000 in emergency aid to broadcasters in critical need after Hurricane Katrina.

"The Broadcasters Foundation has a special process for emergency aid that is designed specifically for time-sensitive circumstances," said Jim Thompson, president of the Broadcasters Foundation of America. "When disasters like the Tennessee floods or Hurricane Katrina strike, the Broadcasters Foundation can approve and deliver an emergency grant expeditiously, sometimes in just a few days."

The Broadcasters Foundation has provided millions of dollars in aid to colleagues who lost their livelihood through a catastrophic event, debilitating disease or unforeseen family tragedy. Individual membership is $150 per year. Personal donations can be made to the Guardian Fund, and corporate contributions are accepted through the Angel Initiative.