Broadcasters continue to rely on Autodesk graphics solutions

Broadcast customers from all over the world have all purchased Autodesk systems, such as the discreet flint system (pictured), to streamline their operations.

Autodesk announced that several broadcasters have recently purchased its graphics and editing systems, continuing a trend that has increased over the past two years. They include FOX News in New York City, Zee Telefilms in Mumbai, and Radio-Canada.

Autodesk's suite of broadcast production solutions includes the Discreet Flint visual effects system, Discreet Smoke editing/finishing system, and Autodesk Combustion desktop compositing software.

Other recent customers include KTVU-TV, a California-based independent television station using two of Autodesk's Discreet Smoke systems, and RTÉ (Radio Telefix Éireann), a public service broadcaster in Ireland using a Discreet Flint system running on the Linux operating system.

NBC used Autodesk's Maya 3D animation software technology and onsite support for the 2006 Olympic Winter games in Turin, Italy. CCTV (China Central Television), China's largest national television network, recently expanded its post-production capabilities by adding Discreet Flint and Discreet Flame visual effects systems.

Sogecable, a subscription-based television group in Spain, has purchased a complete Autodesk broadcast pipeline, including numerous Discreet Flint systems running Linux and multiple seats of Combustion software.

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