Broadcasters continue spending for HD transition

For the most part, large-scale broadcast industry capex tends to be project-based. Our most recent research into where money is being spent in the broadcast industry shows that the top two projects globally are “upgrading infrastructure for HD/3Gb/s operations” and “upgrading transmission and distribution capabilities,” both of which are undoubtedly influenced by the move to HDTV.

As broadcasters migrate to HDTV operations, much of the industry’s infrastructure is being replaced, making the move to HDTV a strong driver of broadcast industry capex.

At a time when we are now several years into the HD transition, what continues to drive broadcasters to move to HDTV operations? Are broadcasters moving to HD for engineering reasons (e.g., delivering better image quality to viewers) or for commercial reasons (e.g., to remain competitive in the marketplace)?

As part of the 2010 Big Broadcast Survey, we asked a global sample of more than 5600 broadcast professionals about the most important trends in the broadcast industry. Respondents were presented with a series of industry trends and asked to indicate which one was the most commercially important to their business over the next few years.

In order to better understand the drivers behind each trend, respondents were then asked a series of questions about the one industry trend that they indicated was most commercially important to their business, e.g., respondents who indicated that the transition to HDTV operations was the trend most important to their business were asked why this is the case.

To view the results and an analysis of the findings, click here.