Broadcast Sports delivers HD POV shots of race action

Broadcast Sports has begun using the Iconix Video HD POV camera system to capture HD in-car racing video for NASCAR, IndyCar Racing and the American LeMans Series.

Among the first outdoor broadcast companies to employ POV cameras for auto racing, Broadcast Sports provides live feeds of point-of-view racing footage to TV networks including NBC, ESPN, FOX Sports and the Speed Channel.

Featuring a camera head about the size of a golf ball, and weighing 2oz, the Iconix HD-RH1F’s remote head system offers 35 different format and frame rate combinations.

Broadcast Sports uses the HD-RH1F to capture a variety of shots that would be difficult or even impossible to achieve with a larger camera, including speed shots taken from a low-to-the-ground angle along the raceway and overhead views that capture the entire car and crew operation in the pit area.

According to Broadcast Sports technical engineer Neil Ojason, using the Iconix POV cameras in a racing environment is not without risks. So far, two Iconix camera heads were destroyed when cars spun out of control and ran them over. However, before being smashed, they “captured two of the best racing shots of the past season,” Ojason said.

“In the opinion of the networks we were shooting for, it was well worth the price of the camera and cable for the value of the shots we gained," he said.

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