Broadcast Engineering Excellence Awards - Enter Now!

Broadcast Engineering Excellence Awards

The third annual Broadcast Engineering Excellence Awards are just around the corner, and we would like you to be a part of it! The Excellence Awards recognize innovation and quality design and construction of production and broadcast facilities. From RF to DVD production, the transmitter sites, TV stations and production facilities presented in the 2003 Broadcast Engineering Digital Reference Guide will represent some of the best work of today’s top systems integrators.

The Digital Reference Guide is published in December, and once it falls into the hands of our readers, they will be able to vote for their favorite installation at In order to have your facility entered in the 2003 Excellence Awards, you must submit the following:

*There is a $500 fee for each facility entered. There is no limit to how many entries you can submit. Checks should be made out to: Broadcast Engineering. The check should accompany the following materials:

  1. Each entrant must supply 400-600 words of text describing the facility and the equipment chosen (suggested topics are listed below).
  2. Each entrant must supply at least one, and up to three, production ready photos (300 dpi, jpg/tif, minimum 2-inch size).
  3. Each entrant must provide a list of the facility’s design team and a list of the key equipment used (an example is given below).
  4. Each entrant must fill out the attached entry form and sign it for their entry to be included.

*All entries will follow a set layout for the purpose of consistency. See the attached example of how the story will look in the magazine.

The check, signed entry form, text, photos, design team and equipment list can be emailed to Heidi Hueseman at or mailed to her at:
Broadcast Engineering Magazine
Attn: Heidi Hueseman
9800 Metcalf Avenue
Overland Park, KS 66212

If emailing materials, the check must be mailed at the same time or beforehand!


Materials will not be returned to the entrants and previews of the final story will not be available due to time constraints.

If you have any questions please contact Heidi Hueseman at (913) 967-1763 or at

Suggested topics to cover in text:

  1. Define the facility: What were the goals of the new facility? Why did a move (if applicable) become necessary?
  2. Design criteria: What was the design of the facility? Did you update the existing facility or find/build at a new location? What were the main design goals for the facility?
  3. Difficulties and innovations: What difficulties did you face? What innovations were implemented in the new design? Is it all digital or analog/digital? Were there special architectural/acoustical considerations?
  4. Equipment decisions: List the key vendors/manufacturers in the process? Describe any workflow issues that you may have encountered with the equipment chosen (cameras, routing, video storage, audio equipment, control room features, production capabilities and equipment, transmission facilities, etc.)

Design team and equipment list examples:

Design team:

USA Cable
Dick Ross, senior vice president of operations and production
Bruce Giuriceo, project manager
Steve Saville, Mario Patuto, and Jim McGuigan project engineers A.F. Associates
Tom Michales, project manager
Jim McGrath, consultant
Nand Ganesh and Bud Pearson, project engineers

Equipment list:

GVG Profile XP servers
GVG M2100 MC switcher
Pinnacle FXDeko CG
GVG 7500WB 256x256 router
Quartz Electronics router control
Avalon Archive Manager