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FCC Grants License for Trucker TV in 2 GHz ENG Band

Trucker TV was the top story in my March 29, 2005 RF Report. The FCC has granted Clarity Broadcasting System's application, allowing it to use 14 6-MHz wide channels covering all of the re-allocated 2 GHz broadcast auxiliary service (BAS) band at an effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP) of 10 watts per channel to test a multichannel video distribution system to deliver programming to trucks and recreational vehicles located within 0.7 km of one of its transmitters. The test transmitters are authorized at Frazier Park, north of Los Angeles (which is near a Frazier Peak ENG site), and in North Salt Lake City (NL 40-50-11; WL 111-56-00) and Ogden (NL 41-13-50; WL 112-00-28), Utah.

The experimental license notes that "the authorization is solely for experimentation and technical analysis and does not constitute approval by the FCC for any future operations beyond the terms of this license." The FCC also required Clarity to coordinate use with the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) prior to beginning operation, to allow SBE to observe the system "in cooperation with the licensee," and to file progress reports. Specifically, the license states:

"Licensee is required to file a progress report every 12 months from the date of grant. In addition, the licensee is required to file a progress report 6 months from the date of the grant detailing how it met its interference limitations when the system initially became operational (e.g., successful coordination with SBE), any reported interference caused by the system, and the means of remediation of such interference."

The license also warns: "Licensee should be aware that other stations may be licensed on these frequencies and if any interference occurs, the licensee of this authorization will be subject to immediate shut down. Licensee is required to provide an on-site point-of contact who has the authority and capability at all times to shut the system down immediately upon notification that the system is causing interference to other users of these frequencies."

The license expires at 3 a.m., Aug. 1, 2007.

The best way to get complete information on Clarity's application and license is to use the Experimental Licensing System Call Sign Search page, search for call letters WD2XPK, and browse the links on the page returned. The initial application and the current application are available from this page, as well as exhibits, notes, correspondence and the grant.