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Digital Fountain DVB-H Forward Error Correction Technology Standardized

Fremont, Calif.-based Digital Fountain said its patented DF Raptor technology has been made part of the DVB-H standard for content delivery services. The Digital Fountain press release said the technology "is an advanced and highly flexible type of FEC (forward error correction) that enables the efficient and error-free download of multimedia data files in the presence of a wide range of network impairments."

"The DF Raptor technology will reduce the network broadcast time required to deliver files to subscribers, allowing us to deliver more content with the same amount of infrastructure," said Rick Stare, senior research engineer at Teracom AB, Sweden's national broadcast agency. He also stated that the technology enlarges the coverage area for reliable reception, thus providing greater user satisfaction."

"We deeply appreciate this endorsement from the DVB community," said Charlie Oppenheimer, president and CEO of Digital Fountain. Both 3GPP and DVB have now recognized the value of DF Raptor technology for broadcast and multicast systems, and we believe that DF Raptor FEC will become the choice for all major broadcast architectures under development."

DF Raptor was previously included in the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS) specification for GSM-based 3G cellular networks.