Brazil: Sky, Net Brasil to add HD Tier

Sky, Latin America's largest HD pay-TV operator, and Net Brasil have teamed up to distribute the HD channels of Globosat, Latin America's largest subscription TV programmer. (Globosat's HD content typically is distributed by Net Brasil inside Brazil).

Sky's HD subs will be offered a trio of new programming packages and combos. In all, Sky said its combined HD channels and other "video services" (presumably VOD) will total 18, creating what Sky said is "the largest offering of its kind in Latin America."

The new HD tier will initially include at least five channels — Globosat HD, Multishow HD, two HD movie channels of "Telecine HD," and PFC HD. The PFC outlet will air "the best of" Brazilian soccer, for the first time in HD.

Sky said Globosat's HD channels, as well as Multishow HD, will be automatically included in the Sky Digital HD combo at no additional cost, although the entire new tier will not be fully available until probably October.

And America's FCC take note: Although it's not exactly a long list of outlets to choose from, the two Telecine HD channels will be offered in an "a la carte" format sometime this fall.