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Axcera Intros 'Dual Use' A/D Transmitter at NAB

Axcera introduced its "Dual Use" analog/digital transmitter at the annual rite of spring for broadcasters. While many manufacturers now offer analog transmitters that can be upgraded for digital operation, the Axcera transmitter can be switched between analog and digital with one button, either locally or by remote control. The "Dual Use" transmitter is built on Axcera's DM8 card-based 8VSB DTV modulator. It plugs directly into Axcera's Innovator series exciter chassis. The card includes digital linear and non-linear pre-correction.

A broadband solid-state "Dual Use" Innovator transmitter could be configured to back up higher power analog and digital IOT based transmitters, using the mask filters from the high power transmitters. The "Dual Use" transmitter could also be useful for LPTV operators making a flash cut between analog and digital on the same channel, allowing them to broadcast a mixture of analog and digital programming.

More information is available on the Axcera Web Site.