Blu-ray Record Holder ‘Knight’ Climbs Back Up Top 10

“The Dark Knight,” which once led in Blu-ray sales and began descending in recent weeks, actually jumped back up one notch to second place on the Blu-ray Top 10 sales chart—overtaking former top-seller for the past two weeks, “Pineapple Express” as Blu-ray slowly (albeit steadily) grows its disc market share versus standard DVD.

Titles (Blu-ray and otherwise) often will maintain their current sales rankings for a few weeks, but rarely do they improve on their rankings several weeks later. “Knight” holds the current record for most Blu-ray title sales—set when it was released on disc several weeks ago. Another title that has sustained steady sales over several weeks is “Iron Man.”

Nielsen is reporting that Blu-ray’s share of the video-disc pie for the week ending Jan. 25 was a record 17 percent of all disc sales.

Top Blu-ray sales for the week ending Jan. 25, according to Rentrak:

  1. “Max Payne” (Twentieth Century Fox)
  2. “The Dark Knight” (Warner Bro.)
  3. “Pineapple Express” (Sony)
  4. “Saw V” (Lionsgate)
  5. “Appaloosa” (Warner Bro.)
  6. “Eagle Eye” (Paramount)
  7. “King Kong” (Universal)
  8. “Iron Man” (Paramount)
  9. “My Best Friend’s Girl” (Lionsgate)
  10. “Babylon A.D.” (Twentieth Century Fox)