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Blur Studio, Disney team up for 3-D Mickey Mouse holiday movie

Blur Studio brings “Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas” DVD to 3-D life. The project involved intensive collaboration between Disney and Blur’s creative team.

In the largest and most significant project in its nine-year history, Blur Studio has produced nearly 40 minutes of original computer-generated animation for Disney and its newly released holiday movie, “Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas.”

More than a year in the making, the project is also a first for Disney, marking the debut of Mickey and his friends in the world of CG. Blur Studio produced three of five tales featured in the release, which premiered Nov. 9 on Disney DVD and video.

Directed by Matthew O’Callaghan the movie is a follow-up to Disney’s 1999 release “Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas.”

The segments produced by Blur include “Belles on Ice,” “Donald’s Gift” and “Mickey’s Dog-Gone Christmas.” Blur also created the interstitials that transition between each segment so the film reads like a narrated storybook.

Translating Mickey and his friends to 3-D was a challenge. It involved intensive collaboration between Disney and Blur’s creative team. Longtime Disney lead animator Andreas Deja, whose credits with the studio include animating Mickey for “Fantasia 2000,” worked closely with Blur 3-D animators, advising them on the look, physical behavior and personalities of the Disney characters.

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