Blue laser market to top $28 billion in 2010

The blue laser disc technology market is expected to exceed $28 billion in sales in 2010, according to Santa Clara Consulting Group (SCCG).

Growth will be driven by six sub-segments, according to “Blu-ray and HD DVD Disc Technologies: Pursuit of a New Standard,” an SCCG report released earlier in the month.

SCCG estimates that the game console segment, supported by sales of the PlayStation 3, will have the most important influence on the blue laser disc technology market, with more than half of the $2 billion in revenue for 2006.

Content, including movies and games, will represent half of this market's revenues in 2010. According to SCCG, other important markets expected to offer significant growth potential are blue laser technology:

  • players, with nearly $4 billion of sales in 2010;
  • movies, with $3 billion of sales;
  • game consoles, with $6 billion of sales;
  • games, with $10 billion of sales;
  • PC drives, with $4 billion; and
  • blank media with $400 million of sales.

High-definition content will be a central focus for companies in the consumer electronic, gaming, entertainment and PC industries for the next five years. Blue laser disc technology is critical to developing these areas, according to the researcher.

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