Big-screen LCD TV sales grow in 2007, research firm says

Last year, large-screen LCD TVs took a giant leap forward in both units and revenues, according to a new report from Quixel Research.

The report, “LCDTV Market Review,” found that sales of the 40in to less than 45in LCD TV segment saw an increase of about 300 percent from 2006 to 2007. Sales of the 45in to less than 50in LCD TV segment increased almost 400 percent for the same time period.

While the 32in screen size has been the sweet spot in the market, it won’t be for much longer, said Quixel Research principal analyst Tamaryn Pratt. “As fab capacity continues to increase, LCD TV unit sales of the 40in and 42in models will soon outpace 32in sales,” Pratt said.

Combined unit sales of the 40in-47in LCD models last year topped the 32in segment in unit sales, according to Pratt. Full HD (1080p) sales escalated swiftly in the fourth quarter when LCD TVs 40in and larger were three times as likely to be 1080p.

Overall unit sales for the LCD TV category were up 74 percent from 2006 to 2007 and up 39 percent from the third quarter last year to the fourth. In value, the LCD TV category generated $19.9 billion in revenue for 2007 — up 74 percent compared to $11 billion in 2006.

The research organization said the total value of the advanced TV market in the United States was worth almost $28.7 billion in revenues in 2007 and $9.6 billion in the fourth quarter. The LCD TV segment represented almost 70 percent of that market last year. Quixel Research forecasts a near tripling of the LCD TV market category in volume by 2010.

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