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Bexel makes $1 million purchase of Fujinon HD ENG lenses

Broadcast services and systems provider Bexel has purchased 60 new Fujinon lenses and a significant amount of lens accessories, including zoom and focus controls and optical stabilization, valued at $1 million.

The acquisition of the Fujinon ENG lenses supports Bexel's inventory of Panasonic P2, Sony PDW-F800 XDCAM camcorders and HDC-2500 camera systems, which are mainstays in Bexel's lineup of rental gear. The lenses will be used to provide coverage of events, including major sports productions this summer.

The purchase includes 22 Fujinon ZA12x4.5BERD super wide-angle HD ENG full-servo production lenses, and more than 40 ZA22x7.6BERD and BERM HD production lenses.

In addition, Bexel made a major investment in optical stabilization with the purchase of four Fujinon TS-P58A optical stabilizers. The TS-P58A stabilizers will be used for various applications where vibration needs to be eliminated, such as in water events like sailing during televised competitions planned for this summer.