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Best Buy launches 4G mobile broadband network

Big-box consumer electronics store Best Buy introduced its own 4G mobile broadband service, called Best Buy Connect, on July 11. The branded service, which uses Sprint Nextel’s EvDO network, will be available on Gobi-enabled laptops and netbooks sold at Best Buy stores in the United States. Pricing plans will range from a prepaid plan of $30 a month for 250MB of data to a postpaid plan of $60 per month for 5GB. According to Sprint, the carrier will offer a 3G data service, not 4G mobile WiMAX.

Best Buy is also marketing its Movie Mode app, which works on the Sprint EVO, Android devices, iPhones and some BlackBerry models. The app, initially marketed tied to the 3-D animated feature “Despicable Me,” will translate what the minion characters are saying during the end credits and also offer exclusive new content.