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BBC Technology rolls out plans to support coverage of Athens Olympic

BBC Technology will provide products, services and infrastructure for production and delivery of BBC Sport’s coverage of the 2004 Athens Olympics.

BBC Technology’s Broadcast Design & Build, Media Communications and Internet Solutions will design and build studio and production facilities in Athens, provide broadcast communication networks and expand the Internet delivery infrastructure for online coverage of the Olympic Games.

BBC’s Olympic programming will be produced from the International Broadcast Center.

Working with BBC Resources and BBC Sports, BBC Technology began planning the layout of these facilities and developing its design last year. Installation will begin in June. The 2300-square-foot facility will include two production control rooms, two sound control rooms, nine videotape editing pairs, six non-linear editing suites, 15 VTR record banks, graphics and office space.

BBC Interactive, BBC News and BBC Nations & Regions will also use the facility.

BBC Olympic activities include:

  • BBC Technology’s Interactive Solutions team will expand Internet delivery infrastructure underpinning the Web site to handle a surge in traffic for BBC Sport’s coverage of the Summer Olympics. A new dedicated platform will offer enhanced capabilities for live and on-demand broadband streaming. The site will be able to deliver 50,000 concurrent 256Kb/s broadband streams for the Olympics in Windows Media 9 and RealMedia 9 formats.
  • BBC Technology’s Media Communications team will supply BBC Sport with 155Mb/s of fiber capacity between Athens and London for distribution of Olympic coverage. The Media Communications team also will provide satellite downlinking at BBC Technology’s London Teleport for backup feeds and support SNG operations and EBU services.

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