BBC Northern Ireland covers tall ships race leg via BGAN at sea

BBC Northern Ireland is relying on Stratos’ Inmarsat FleetBroadband mobile satellite system onboard the tall ship Bark Europa to broadcast live and recorded reports of the final leg of the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge between Halifax and Belfast.

In April, more than 30 tall ships began competing in a series of races covering more than 7000 miles, including ports in Spain, Africa, Bermuda, Canada and Northern Ireland. The final leg of the race began July 20 in Halifax and is scheduled to end in Belfast Aug. 13. The Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge 2009 is organized by Sail Training International and the American Sail Training Association.

The FleetBroadband system is integrated with QuickLink software to enable live video streaming at speeds of 256Kb/s. Stratos Dashboard is used to set high-usage alerts and monitor traffic usage. Stratos Trench, an online user-managed firewall utility, is preventing unauthorized access.

Many media organizations have deployed the land version of this mobile broadband satellite system, BGAN from Stratos, to deliver live and recorded news from remote regions of the world. From the initial BGAN service, the technology has been expanded into the maritime world with the launch of FleetBroadband.