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BBC Acquires Snell Kahuna Switchers

The BBC has acquired four new Snell Kahuna switchers as part of the redevelopment of their central London-based Broadcasting House facility.

Each switcher will be installed in one of the four largest studios in the center, they will help drive live news programming and support the seamless migration to HD operations. The installation was managed by U.K. systems integrator dB Broadcast.

dB Broadcast Sales and Marketing Director Tom Swan described the project’s objective in a press release, saying, “Within the W1 development, the BBC is creating a centralized focus for its national and international news operations that will bring the World Service and the domestic news service together on one site."

Broadcasting House will receive news clips from the 24-hour World Service and News Channel broadcasts. The Kahunas will switch content between these sources and others in SD and various formats. The central London facility will also receive two Snell 1152x1152 routers.