Barco launches DVE card for FSN 3Gbps video production switcher

Barco has introduced a DVE option for the FSN series, a 3Gb/s-ready multiformat video production switcher line. Using China’s BIRTV 2009 exposition as the forum, Barco will offer hands-on demonstrations of the FSN’s DVE functionality throughout the four-day show.

Each DVE card provides two channels of real-time 2D digital video effects, and up to two DVE cards can be installed in the system’s FSN-1400 chassis — for a total of four DVE channels at your fingertips. In line with FSN’s positioning as a midmarket switcher with large-market features, the DVE option offers advanced features normally found only in high-end switchers. These include the ability to assign DVE channels to both the cut and fill signals independently, full key frame editing, dynamic sizing, positioning and cropping, programmable borders and shadows and freeze, strobe and color effects. All DVE moves can be performed automatically using the auto trans button, manually using the T-BAR or automatically from the DVE menu itself.

Another feature is the DVE’s ability to smoothly transform between any PIP border type — hard-edged, soft-edged, full halo, inside halo or outside halo. For the live production and events market, the DVE also features a shot box. This feature enables users to quickly store (and name) up to 128 unique single-key frame looks, which can be used on-air by themselves or combined into more creative effects.