Backchannelmedia, Gray Television announce Clickable TV agreement

Atlanta-based Gray Television has signed an agreement to deploy the Backchannelmedia Clickable TV solution. Participating viewers will be prompted to interact by bugs located at the bottom of their TV screen. These on-screen icons indicate a “clickable moment,” an opportunity for the viewer to click one button on their remote control and “bookmark” that content to the viewer's private Web portal or e-mail address. Users of Clickable TV can schedule automatic e-mail updates of TV bookmarks to any e-mail account or e-mail-enabled mobile device.

This new interactive opt-in revenue stream for broadcasters unites the mass media reach of television with the precise engagement metrics of the Internet. This new advertising and content inventory created by the clickable moment allows TV stations to sell advertising avails on a per-click basis in addition to impression-based TV commercials.