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Azden offers high-performance shotgun microphone

The Azden SGM-1000 super-cardioid condenser microphone combines wide frequency response with low noise and phantom power. The 12.2-inch (310mm)-long microphone features a switchable low-frequency roll-off filter to reduce proximity effects and low-frequency room noises such as air conditioners, a power on/off switch and a low-impedance XLR connector. The SGM-1000 can be powered by either externally supplied phantom power (12V to 48V) or an internally mounted single “AA” alkaline battery. Dedicated circuitry automatically disconnects the internal battery when phantom power is applied. Produced with a scratch-resistant matte black finish, the SGM-1000 has a foam windscreen for noise suppression and a floating shock-mount adaptor with an integral hot-shoe mount.

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