Axon goes HD

Axon Digital Design has released its flagship product, the “Synapse.” These new HD products include the HDR07, a HD distribution amplifier, the HEB10, a HD audio embedder and the HBD10, a HD audio de-embedder.

The extensive Synapse product range has also been expanded with the SCP08. This stand-alone remote control panel is ideal when controlling multiple Synapse frames at the same time. The Ethernet-based control panel is TCP/IP, and can control eight different parameters on one screen or more, with a maximum of 64 screens. Up to 512 parameters can be controlled.

Another Synapse addition is the INS20 add-on card, a vertical interval (VB) inserter with a composite input and an SDI input and output. The VBI information which is present in the composite signal can be inserted in the SDI signal.

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