Aveco Tapped for German MC Automation

PRAGUE: Aveco announced that German public broadcaster, Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk, has selected Aveco to supply a suite of automation tools for their new master control room.

Aveco’s German dealer, Logic Media Solutions, sold two complete ASTRA MCR systems to MDR’s prime contractor BFE as a part of the building of MDR’s new master control room. MDR will have two independently mirrored ASTRA systems to control two complete broadcast chains (mixer, graphics, videoserver, etc.). One mirrored ASTRA system will be the primary system and used to broadcast their main channel. The second mirrored ASTRA system will be used as an emergency/test system.

For preventative maintenance, upgrades, or operator training, the two chains can be used simultaneously without impact on MDR’s main playout channel. The ASTRA MCR system will be used to control Omneon video servers, Miranda ImageStore mixers, and Chyron graphics. MDR is Aveco’s 23rd installation in Germany.