Australian Broadcaster furthers commitment to Omneon media server in Sydney facility

Australia’s Network Ten has announced that it will add two additional Omneon MediaServers to its Sydney broadcast facility.

The installation, which will be carried out by Omneon Video Network’s Australian distribution partner Quinto Communications, comes on the heels of the success the network has enjoyed using previously purchased and installed media servers from the company for transmitting AFL football weekly.

The first new system to be installed will have three ingest channels and 10 play-out channels split across two Omneon MediaServers and interconnected to share 300 hours of storage. The system is designed to provide additional redundancy so that in the unlikely event of a failure of any MediaServer the remaining server can continue to access all of the storage media.

The network’s existing Encoda automation system will be used to control the new MediaServer system via VDCP control. Ingest and confidence replay channels will be controlled via Encoda’s ingest automation software.

The second MediaServer system will function as a time delay server and will be configured with one ingest channel and four play-out channels with 27 hours of storage.

Other Omneon customers include BSkyB, BBC, PBS, CBC and GlobeCast.

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