Aurora introduces new compact converters and DAs

Aurora Video Systems has announced the first products in the company’s new Diversity family of compact digital video converters and distribution amplifiers (DAs). The new line is slated to offer solutions for high-quality signal conversion and transfer between digital and analog capture, editing, and playback devices.

The three new products include a 10-bit SDI-to-YPrPb converter, a 10-bit YPrPb-to-SDI converter, and a 10-bit SDI DA, all of which are stand-alone, DC-powered cubes measuring approximately 3x4 inches and 1 inch in height. These stand-alone converters may be placed on a table or in the user’s rack, or mounted to the back of decks and monitors.

The two converters feature high precision, 12-bit DACs and 12-bit ADCs capable of meeting both NTSC and PAL SMPTE 259M 4:2:2 standards. The SDI to YPrPb converter includes an auxiliary reclocked SDI output for connecting downstream digital devices, and the YPrPb to SDI converter offers 16x oversampled inputs and includes two SDI outputs.

Aurora’s new 10-bit SDI DA provides one SDI input and four equalized SDI outputs. The system’s input automatically locks to any of the four SMPTE 259M data rates (143, 177, 270, and 360 Mb/s). All SDI inputs can automatically equalize up to 300 m of coaxial cable or up to 120 m of Cat 5 UTP cable.

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