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AT&T U-verse Eyes Multiple HD Streams Soon

U-verse, AT&T's fiber-to-the-node network, is currently providing 25 MB of bandwidth over its longest access loops and higher speeds over its shortest loops but the fledging TV service will be capable of carrying multiple streams of HD content by the end of 2007, the company said.

In an address at an IPTV workshop in San Jose, Calif., a U-verse exec said critics of AT&T's Project Lightspeed FTTN network are wrong when they say it doesn't deliver enough bandwidth and that it's unable to maintain carriage of several HD streams simultaneously, according to Telephony Online.

U-verse said despite its relatively tender age, it's already "a leader" in HD technology with more than 25 channels of HD content that began in late 2006, which is at least equal to the typical cable scheme for consumers.

All U-verse set-top boxes are HD-worthy, the firm said, and each of its standard-issue DVRs is also HD-enabled. U-verse said its ramp up, in effect, is "future-proofing" its subscribers' homes. Its current single-stream HD will multiply in coming months, it said.